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Welcome to About the College

The first step is always a small step. The college was established in 1996 and since then has played an important role in the promotion of higher education among girls of Bindki and adjoining areas. The College started as an Arts Graduate College in 1996 and today it is a Post Graduate College with Post Graduation programme in three subjects in Humanities. Strengths: - Number of students, their creativity, sincerity and dedication is the greatest strength of the college. Besides, the college has well qualified teaching staff. Regular classes, a number of co-curricular activities and a good atmosphere of teaching and learning are some of the most notable peculiarities of the institution. At the infrastructural front, the college has big classrooms, its own website, sufficient furniture, clean drinking water facility, T.T. table, a modern gymnasium, several computers with internet facility, power backup facility, a rich library etc. The college provides remedial classes for the weaker students and offers various cells to address different issues cells to address different issues related to the students. Weaknesses: - Considering the large strength of students the college is short of required teaching and nonteaching staff. It is probably the greatest weakness of the institution in which it finds itself helpless. Besides the college has not yet been sanctioned research centre. There is only one teaching posts in every undergraduate departments, i.e. English, Economics, Physical Education and Sanskrit, which is adversely affecting a large number of students of these subjects. There is the facility of P.G. in only three subjects Hindi, Sociology, and Political Science. Therefore, students of other subjects have no other option but to go out of city for post graduation which is sometimes very difficult for girls causing the end of their study after graduation. There is also a shortage of non teaching staff that results in extra burden on teachers with the works like scholarship, keeping records etc. Opportunity: - The institution is established in backward area with the notion of providing education to each and every at his or her doorstep. The college caters to the need of such underprivileged. It is a great opportunity for the department as well as the college to meet thin expectation. The college seeks opportunities in providing quality education to students who are deprived of the innovative methods of learning thus far. The college is recognized by the UGC under the section 2F and 12B which gives a great opportunity to receive grants from UGC to utilize it for the advantage of students. Bindki, Fatehpur being a backward district offers a great opportunity for the institution to address the needs students belonging to weaker sections of society. Challenges: - Comparatively poorer educational background of students presents a great challenge to make then efficient. It is a massive challenge to handle such large number of students with the man power available. A good number of students (all girls come from rural areas. Conveyance being a major problem hinders the regularity of students. The trend of early marriage being still prevalent remains a big challenge. Lack of sufficient funds is a constraint hears resulting in poorer infrastructure and insufficient facilities in library. Nevertheless, the college rather views these challenges as an opportunity to enhance its quality and its commitment to the students. Future Plans:- 1) To apply for U.G. in Music, Education and Home Science subjects. 2) To apply for P.G. in English, Economics and Sanskrit subjects. 3) Expansion and modernization of classrooms, library etc. 4) A large scale faculty development programme is proposed to encourage innovative teaching practices, growth in research and development through participation and contributions in seminars, workshops, symposium etc. 5) Better infrastructure for indoor and outdoor games.